For whatever reason, the radio station playing at the Au Bon Pain this morning emitted that familiar low-toned “O” that instantly lets you know that the Star Spangled Banner is beginning.

It goes unnoticed by the loud, packed cafe as sorority girls complained about sisters who are deactivating and seniors groaned about how Hofstra’s server crashed last night while they were signing up for classes.

I know that taking to my blog is a strange response, but I remember as a kid that the national anthem, with its poignant lyrics and most epic melody, commanded a level of respect paralleled by few things. I would equate it to the secular equivalent of prayer, something to be observed in quiet reverence.

It seems all the more strange that it came on a pop radio station, especially in the midst of such a turbulent time for our nation. Perhaps that was the point.

It isn’t even that I expected everyone to stand up and put their hands over their hearts, but it saddened me slightly that no notice was paid whatsoever. Perhaps the level of apathy displayed by my peers is not localized to my University, but paints an unfortunate picture of the absent feelings of patriotism that people have for our nation.

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